In every vehicle the major huge glass in the windshield. It keeps you as well as your loved ones safe in case of an emergency or a problem. Nothing matters more for a person that his safety. The main function is a windshield is to protect drivers from flying debris, dust, and dirt which can get into his eye and cause an accident. The right windshield must be shatterproof which can protect the driver from broken glass and funnel-shaped closures so that they won’t hurt him and other people who are inside the vehicle. You need to think about the kinds of glass that are used for windshield replacement of your vehicle-

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two sheets that are placed on opposite sides of a thin PVB or polyvinyl butyral sheet. When they are placed on opposite sides then extreme pressure, as well as heat, is applied to make them into one. They are pressed in between the rollers and heat puts everything in place. This method is very efficient for making the layers more strong as well as for making the windshield more visible.

Tempered Glass

Windshields are made from tempered glass too. A tempering technique is used for making them. Heating is also included in this process but it is done only up to a certain temperature. Then extreme cold air is used for cooling it down. This makes the glass to contract and expand at the same time. This makes the inner layer induced with tension and the outer layer hard. These kinds of glass are used for the replacement of side and rear glass.

The only issue with this kind of glass is that if it breaks once then you cannot repair it again. You have no other option rather than replacing it. In case of an accident, windshields save the driver as well as other people who are present inside the vehicle. When you are replacing the windshield of your vehicle then it is suggested to always go with OEM quality glass. It might cost you more but you must never compromise with the glass quality. While replacing it you need to make sure that it should fit like the original glass and no space should be left. Windshield Replacement Phoenix can help you in replacing the windshield of your vehicle in the best possible way with their modern equipments and tools.