Have you ever really looked at your car’s windshield instead of just through it? It’s more than just a window—it’s your car’s strongest shield. Made with two layers of glass bonded with a tough layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), it’s designed to protect you from road debris and even rollovers during accidents.

Remember that rock that hit your windshield yesterday? It took the hit so you didn’t have to. Even small objects can be dangerous, but your windshield is built tough to keep you safe, holding up the car’s structure to protect everyone inside.

Why Replace Instead of Fix?

Sometimes, fixing a windshield keeps it—and you—safe. If there’s a small chip without spreading cracks, a repair works, as long as it’s not in your direct view. Even a crack less than 3 inches can often be fixed. But always trust a pro to do the job right, extending your windshield’s life.

Yet, there are times when replacement is crucial, not just a repair. Look out for these signs that say it’s time for a new windshield.

Chips, Cracks, or Scratches

The key here is clarity and durability. Can you see clearly through your windshield? It’s crucial not just to see well, but perfectly. Even a small chip, crack, or scratch matters. If you notice any imperfections in your auto glass, no matter how small, it’s time to visit an auto glass repair expert like Expert Auto Glass Repair immediately.

Small damages may seem insignificant, but they weaken the glass, and more damage can occur rapidly. Water can seep into the chip, causing the glass to fog up inside and potentially damaging the layer beneath. Freezing water in a chip can expand and lead to more cracks. Unfortunately, these issues can’t be fixed; the windshield must be replaced.

Ignoring cracks in the windshield can result in it shattering during another accident or even detaching altogether. Remember, the windshield is vital for protecting passengers during a rollover. If damaged, airbags may fail to deploy properly, increasing the risk of passengers being ejected through the windshield.

It’s tempting to delay dealing with this issue, but waiting is risky. Accidents can happen suddenly, causing serious injury or worse.

Defective Repair Work

First, remember that temporary fixes are just that—temporary. A quick fix will eventually need attention again, so keep that in mind when choosing between fixing and replacing. This is especially true if you live in tough climates where windshields face more wear and tear than in milder areas.

If you’ve tried a DIY fix on your windshield, you might discover it was done poorly or incorrectly. While it seems like a simple task and DIY kits are available, the expertise gained from professional repairs and replacements is invaluable. It’s tempting to cut costs this way, but it’s worth investing in a job done right by auto glass repair Tempe professionals with the right skills and tools. Saving money on a subpar repair isn’t really saving anything at all.